Canoe Canada

Canoe CanadaKnowle Sea Scout Group has a strong reputation for delivering challenging expeditions in remote environments. Canoe Canada is the pinnacle of these expeditions, normally involving Sea Scouts in years 11, 12 and 13. The team is responsible for planning, organising and fundraising for the venture, with expert guidance and support from our dedicated team of Leaders.

Each venture normally involves a month in Canada, often with a visit to the United States of America. The highlight of the trip is the expedition: ten days canoeing and trekking through the remote wilderness of Woodland Caribou Provincial Park, Ontario. The park is a vast network of lakes, connected by rivers and portages through dense boreal woodland, and is home to a number of ancient pictograph sites.

The Sea Scouts cover a distance of 100 miles by canoe and 25 miles on foot, and between them carry more than 500kg of food and equipment. It is rare to encounter other people in the park; instead they share the ten days with an incredible range of flora and fauna, including bald eagles, moose, caribou and even black bears.

The team is normally welcomed to Canada by the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario. As well as stays in Red Lake and Winnipeg, the team visit Toronto after the expedition. Here, they get chance to recover, and visit famous attractions such as the CN Tower and Niagara Falls. The team also undertakes a community project, often in Red Lake.


Each venture has attracted a wealth of publicity, locally and nationally, in both the United Kingdom and Canada. This has included Navy News, Canoe Focus, Scouting magazine, Northern Sun News, Euronaut, Solihull News, Solihull Times, Solihull Observer and Knowle Parish Magazine.

The team that completed the venture in 2008, made a video to celebrate their experience:

Canoe Canada Veterans Association

The Sea Scouts that have completed a Canoe Canada venture have shared something incredibly challenging and arduous. They have visited one of the most remote parts of the world, developed a range of skills and abilities, seen fantastic flora and fauna, and most importantly, they have depended on each other for their very survival. They share a unique common bond that few people will ever experience.

To share their experiences, to keep in contact with each other, and to support future expeditions, they have formed the Canoe Canada Veterans Association.


Canoe Canada 2006

Claire Ash

Clare Barker

Jenny Hawkin

James Johnson

Sarah Millbanks

Pippa Spencer

Canoe Canada 2008

Adam Baggott

James Johnson

Phil Krstic

James Lees

Alastair Mears

Katie Newlands

Sam Timms

George Walker

Canoe Canada 2009

Tim Atherton

Chris Foxwell

Ben Griffiths

Jon Hotchkiss

James Ingram

James Johnson

Rachel Newlands

Suzi Spencer

Mat Spencer

Vicky James