RN Recognition

The Group is one of only 101 Sea Scout Groups in the world, which is recognised by the Royal Navy. Our first Royal Navy Inspection was on Friday 6th December 2002. On successfully completing this land-based inspection and a subsequent water-based inspection on 3rd April 2004, the group was awarded Royal Navy Recognition and became group number 75 in the scheme.
To ensure groups meet the high standards laid down by the Admiralty, each group is subject to follow-up inspections every 18 months by a serving Royal Navy Officer. This ensures that it is the 101 best Sea Scout Groups, which are recognised.





There are many privileges of being recognised, some of which are outlined below:

  • Uniform badge worn by recognised groups
  • Leaders, Explorers and Scouts wear Royal Navy Recognition Badge
  • Group Flies defaced Red Ensign and Admiralty Pennant
  • The use of HMS Bristol’s facilities and RN Sailing Centre
  • Capitation paid to Scout Association for each Scout
  • Payment made by the Royal Navy into a central Sea Scout fund, for badges gained by Scouts and Explorers which are deemed relevant to the Navy (e.g. sailing, canoeing, fire safety)
  • Eligible to apply for grants from Scout Association for purchase of equipment/boats and development of training.
  • Access to Sea Cadet Stores, where uniform can be purchased at reduced rates
  • The Big 3 – Sea Scout Summer camp, Soccer sixes football competition and swimming gala organised by the Royal Navy exclusively for recognised groups
  • An initial stores outfit is issued on joining the scheme
  • The use of local military facilities
  • Visits to Portsmouth Heritage area attractions at heavily discounted rates
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