Roll of honour

The Worshipful the Mayor of Solihull’s Sea Scouts

2016 to 2017

Patrol Leader Katie Russell

(Councillor Mike Robinson)

2015 to 2016

Patrol Leader William Lloyd

(Councillor Glenis Slater)

2014 to 2015

Watch Leader Benjamin Cooper

(Councillor Kate Wild)

2013 to 2014

Watch Leader Peter Watson

(Councillor Joe Tildesley)

2012 to 2013

Watch Leader Anna Usselmann

(Councillor Ken Hawkins)

2011 to 2012

Watch Leader Joseph Evans

(Councillor Irene Chamberlain)

2010 to 2011

Watch Leader William Salloway

(Councillor Ian Courts)

2009 to 2010

Watch Leader Rob Hotchkiss

(Councillor Norman Davies)

2008 to 2009

Patrol Leader Ali Walker

(Councillor David Bell)

2007 to 2008

Assistant Patrol Leader Jon Hotchkiss

(Councillor Gary Allport)

2006 to 2007

Assistant Patrol Leader Alastair Mears

(Councillor John Reeve)

2005 to 2006

Watch Leader Claire Ash

(Councillor Alan Martin)

Queen’s Scouts


Assistant Scout Leader Mathew Spencer


Assistant Scout Leader Pippa Spencer

Young Leader Jenny Hawkin

Young Leader Sarah Millbanks


Venture Sea Scout James Johnson

The Silver Cross

For gallantry in circumstances of considerable risk


Patrol Leader Anthony Strapp

“In recognition of his great courage when he stopped an attempted raid on a Post Office and for single handedly fighting off one of the armed raiders”.

Tidbury Green, Solihull, 9th January 1990
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Past Members

The Military Cross

For exemplary gallantry during active operations against the enemy on land


Captain Paul Britton, Royal Regiment of Artillery

(Sea Scout from 1988 to 1998)

“Captain Britton was commanding a fire support team that were co-ordinating artillery and air strikes to aid an ambushed patrol in the Upper Sangin Valley. Their position then came under a ferocious attack and Captain Britton sustained fragmentation wounds caused by a rocket propelled grenade. He refused morphine and evacuation and continued to lead the fire support team to aid the ambushed patrol with remarkable success, allowing a helicopter to land and rescue their casualties. For his outstanding display of professionalism, inspirational leadership and selflessness when confronted by a tenacious and determined enemy, he is to be awarded the Military Cross”.

Helmand Province, Afghanistan, November 2007