HMS Daring

4th Knowle Sea Scout Group is proud to be affiliated to HMS Daring, the first of eight Type 45 “Daring Class” Destroyers. HMS Daring entered active service with the Royal Navy in 2010.

HMS Daring is the most advanced warship in the world. She will also be the largest ship in the fleet, excluding aircraft carriers and amphibious ships, since the Tiger Class Cruisers built during World War II.

The Royal Navy are now in the process of building and commissioning the first six ships of the class; HMS Daring, HMS Dauntless, HMS Diamond, HMS Duncan, HMS Dragon and HMS Defender.

The Sea Scouts are looking forward to a long affiliation with the ship and her crew. On announcing the affiliation, Commodore Jamie Miller CBE RN, Naval Regional Officer for Wales and Western England said, “I am so glad that 4th Knowle Sea Scout Group, with 200 members in the heartland of Britain, where the Royal Navy is rarely seen, will now see something of HMS Daring”.

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HMS Daring Facts

Displacement: circa 7,350 tonnes in deep delivery circa 5,800 tonnes in light delivery
Length: 152.4 metres
Beam: 21.2 metres
Draught: 5 metres
Speed: 27 knots at maximum speed18 knots at cruising speed
Range: 7,000 nautical miles at cruising speed
Engines: 2 Rolls Royce WR-21 Advanced Gas Turbine with Intercooler Recuperator
Complement: 190 to 235 Royal Navy60 Royal Marines
Armament: Anti Aircraft SAMPSON Multi Function Radar

S1850M 3D Air Search Radar

48 x Aster Missiles (combination of Aster 15 and Aster 30)

2 x Phalanx Close in Weapons System

Anti Ship

8 x RGM Harpoon Missiles

Sea Skua Missiles (from helicopter)

Anti Submarine

MFS 7,000 Sonar

Sting Ray Torpedoes (from helicopter)


Seagnat Radar Guided Weapons Decoy

Active Torpedo Decoy


1 x BAE Systems 114mm (4.5inch) Mk 8 Gun

2 x 30mm guns

2 x Miniguns and up to 6 x General Purpose Machine Guns


1 Lynx HMA 8 Helicopter (to be replaced by Merlin EH101 Helicopter)

Flight deck large enough to accommodate a Chinook

History of HMS Daring

The very first HMS Daring was a 12 gun brig, built at Ipswich and launched in October 1804. It ran aground off Sierra Leone in 1813 and was scuttled by her own crew to avoid capture by the French.

The next HMS Daring was built at Portsmouth and launched in April 1844. This was again a 12 gun brig and served on the North America and West Indies Stations during its 20 year life.

The third reincarnation was a 4 gun sloop built at Blackwall and launched in February 1874. This vessel served on the Pacific and China Stations before being sold in 1889.

The fourth ship to bear the name of Daring was a Torpedo Boat Destroyer that was built at Chiswick and launched in November 1893. This ship was eventually sold for £6,000 in 1912.

Following that, Daring became a Destroyer of 1,375 tons which was built by Thorneycroft at Southampton and launched in 1932. Sadly, this vessel was sunk by a U-Boat whilst escorting a convoy from Norway to the UK. Nine officers and 148 ratings lost their lives.

The sixth, and last, vessel to bear the name Daring was a Destroyer of 2,800 tons which was built by Swan Hunter and launched in August 1949. This was sold for breaking in 1971.