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4th Knowle Sea Scout Group formed in 1975 to provide local young people with an alternative to joining one of the established Scout Groups in the area. The Sea Scout Group was recognised with the Scout Association in April that year, and registered as Scout Group 41595. Located just minutes from the village of Meriden, the geographical centre of England, the Group could well be the furthest Sea Scout Group from the sea! This provides one of the Groups many appeals; it allows young people, who would otherwise have little opportunity, to experience the challenge, fun and adventure that the sea and water in general can provide.

The Group continued steadily, with a strong and active Sea Scout Troop, supported by a popular Cub Scout Pack. In the 1990’s, following the Scout Association’s positive move towards equality, 4th Knowle Sea Scout Group was the first Group in the Scout County to adapt and welcome female members. In 1998, the Group launched a Venture Sea Scout Unit, and took control of the remaining sections of 3rd Knowle Scout Group; a Beaver Scout Colony and a Cub Scout Pack, upon its closure.

Expansion continued, and in 1999, a second Cub Scout Pack was launched in order to celebrate the dawn of the new millennium. In the year 2000, the Group’s Silver Jubilee year, a second Beaver Scout Colony was launched. By this point, the entire Sea Scout Group welcomed female members, from age six to sixty five.

In 2002, the Group launched a successful Explorer Sea Scout Unit in conjunction with 1st Solihull Sea Scout Troop. The Unit is managed by the two Group’s, but it has enabled Scouts from all over Solihull County to experience Sea Scouting for the first time. The same year, the Group was inspected by Lieutenant Commander R C Williams Royal Navy, and granted Royal Navy Recognition by the Admiralty Board. The Group is proud to be one of only 101 Sea Scout Groups throughout the world to hold such status from the Royal Navy.

In 2008 the Group became affiliated to the first in the class of new Type 45 Destroyers, HMS Daring. It is a great honour to be the only Sea Scout Group affiliated to our ‘local’ ship which is affiliated with the city of Birmingham. Close links with the ship have meant that the Group have done many joint activities with the ships company and been lucky enough to go to sea several times.

Today the Group continues to grow in strength and popularity, now being one of the largest and most successful in the Scout County. The Group has over 200 young members aged six to eighteen, all taking part in an exciting, adventurous, safe and educational programme of activities.


Section Name Age Membership Evening
Beaver Scouts 6 to 8 Male Monday
Beaver Scouts Millennium 6 to 8 Mixed Friday
Cub Scouts 8 to 10 Male Wednesday
Cub Scouts Millennium 8 to 10 Mixed Friday
Sea Scouts 10 to 14 Mixed Friday
Explorers 14 to 18 Mixed Friday


Group Executive Committee
President Matthew Baggott CBE QPM
Chairman  Phil Green
Secretary  Guy Jackson
Treasurer  David Roberts
Subscriptions Officer  Rachelle Gallimore
Fundraising Officer  Vacant
Group Scout Leader Liz Rashvand
Section Leaders
Sea Scout Leader  Tim Harrison
Explorer Sea Scout Leader  Teresa Madurai
Cub Scout Leader (Wednesday)  Jo Purdy
Cub Scout Leader (Friday)  Greg Dengate
Beaver Scout Leader (Monday)  Penny Parker
Beaver Scout Leader (Friday)  Julia Hill

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